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Tools of this trade can also be environmentally friendly

(d) Averaged cell shadow image is generated by averaging the intensity histograms of 30 randomly selected images. The color bar shows the intensity values (arbitrary units), where red color shows high light intensity areas. Shadows of capture cells are compared with sample cell shadow for correlation and cells are counted automatically.DiscussionAlthough the microfluidic devices stabilized using the presented method show high capture efficiency and specificity … lire la suite »

Somebody is out close to 3 million

Ongoing. LOST ON MAIN: Buck Night. DJ Dance Party. 3: Based on Anishinaabeg teachings and created by Native American children, indigenous artists and university students in Michigan, Kids Ride Bikes is focused on bikes and mobility and includes seven lowrider bicycles, photographs Prada Replica, felt pennants, flags and a video production of the bikes. Community and student based projects are also happening throughout the exhibit … lire la suite »